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Greeting from Kampung Senang. We are excited to launch the 2021 Green and Healthy Festival. This festival celebrates the essence of what Kampung Senang does and represents: the Natural Loving Essence of Human Nature, Community, Health, Vibrancy and Mother Earth.

For 22 years Kampung Senang has championed these ideals and created communities and services to educate, assist and support those in need, especially those who are suffering ill-health in mind-body-spirit rejuvenation through what is of Nature. Now we have 7 centers in Singapore - holistic lifestyle centers, student and childcare, elderly care and inclusive gardens. 

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Green is the Future. It has always been. Man can only go as far as he is in harmony with Mother Earth. Nourishing ourselves with Nature brings Health and Balance. Cherishing Nature brings possibilities and a sustained future for our children.

This year, in the wake of the pandemic, we focus on how Nature can uplift and offer hope. From plant-based, wholefoods approach to health, connecting with nature to heal and rejuvenate, conscious ways of living propagated by ground up initiatives, to Green as the enterprise of the future, the 2021 Green and Healthy Festival takes an empowering perspective.  

Hence, the theme EMBRACE, EMPOWER & ENHANCE OUR FUTURE -- which guides our choice of the speakers, teachers, and vendors of this festival.



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Apply Today to be a Vendor or Ambassador

If you feel passionate about championing Green causes in a practical way or have an excellent earth friendly product to sell. 

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