About GHVF 2020


Power of the Virtual Green
with 8 Dimensions of Wellness

This festival aims to showcase, celebrate but more importantly, to promote good and sustainable lifestyle habits. 

The theme is Power of the Virtual Green where we underline the importance of continuing the green movement in our lives, just as we had pre-pandemic. Let us recover ourselves and our Earth by adopting green and healthy ideas, perspectives but most importantly, habits. On this premise, we have adopted the eight dimensions of wellness to guide our festival calendar. 

Environmental Wellness involves being and feeling physically safe, in safe and clean surroundings, and being able to access clean air, food, and water. Includes both our microenvironment (the places where we live, learn, work, etc.) and our macro-environment (our communities, country, and whole planet).

Emotional Wellness involves the ability to express feelings, enjoy life, adjust to emotional challenges, and cope with stress and traumatic life experiences.

Financial Wellness involves the ability to have financial resources to meet practical needs, and a sense of control and knowledge about personal finances.

Intellectual Wellness involves lifelong learning, application of knowledge learned, and sharing knowledge.

Occupational Wellness involves participating in activities that provide meaning and purpose, including employment.

Physical Wellness involves the maintenance of a healthy body, good physical health habits, good nutrition and exercise, and obtaining appropriate health care.

Social Wellness involves having relationships with friends, family, and the community, and having an interest in and concern for the needs of others and humankind.

Spiritual Wellness involves having meaning and purpose and a sense of balance and peace.

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