Founder of Vegan Keno, a Social Enterprise

Hi, I’m Ambaree, founder of Vegan Keno, a social Enterprise. A Software Engineer, holding the profile of a Business Analyst, I am an expat living in Singapore since 2011. For the past couple of years, I have been continuously investing my time and effort into a cause closest to my heart and of utmost importance to me and the world - A Plant Based Lifestyle. 


Vegan Keno is a venture I began as a casual way to share why I chose to go vegan along with my family. It was a much pleasant discovery for me to see how my friends, family members and many those I never had met connected with me over time. People reached out to me to hear about my story, curious to know what we eat everyday as a family. 

Since 2016, most of my time has been spent in preparing and giving talks, writing, blogging and conducting workshops about how each of our food choices made on a daily basis have the potential to bring a tremendous change to our Health, Earth and Earthlings.

Cooking demo session: Savoury Porridge with Plant based pork

Date and time: 5/12/2020, Sat, 2pm - 3pm

​Via Facebook Live.

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