Bob Isaacson

President: Dharma Voices for Animals, Board Member: ACLU San Diego

Bob Isaacson was a civil rights-human rights attorney for twenty-five years, specializing in defending people against the death penalty. He presented and won a landmark case in the Supreme Court of the United States, which limits the power of the police to arrest people without sufficient grounds, when he was 27, the second youngest attorney in history to appear before the nation’s highest court.

Bob Isaacson was drawn to the Buddha’s teachings on the path to the end of suffering 24 years ago and continues to be inspired. Since he began Buddhist practice, Bob has participated in 25 meditation retreats of one month or longer.

Bob currently teaches the Dharma (the Buddha’s teachings), leads two Sanghas (on-going groups of practitioners), and leads day-long and weekend retreats in the San Diego area, having been trained in Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Community Dharma Leader Program.

It did not take Bob long to realize the disconnect between the Buddha’s teachings of compassion and non-harming toward all sentient beings and the actual practice of Buddhist teachers and followers who continue to eat animals. This disconnect led Bob to join with several friends in 2011 to launch the non-profit organization, Dharma Voices for Animals (DVA).

Title of talk: Veganism, Buddhism and Mindfulness

Date and Time: 20/11/2020, Friday,12.45pm -1.30pm

Talks will be broadcasted on GHF FaceBook page.

Panel: A conversation on veganism and Buddhism (with Will Tuttle)

Date and time:     10/12/2020, Thur, 2pm - 3pm

Talks will be broadcasted on GHF FaceBook page.

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