Dr George Jacobs

Opening speech for GHVF

Panel discussion on Tempted by Tempeh 

George Jacobs is a long-time supporter of Kampung Senang. He works in Education and volunteers to promote plant-based diets. George enjoys attending the Green and Healthy Festival, and has attended every year since its inception.  He is the co-founder of health partners, 


In the NGO area, George is the past president of Vegetarian Society (Singapore), now called Centre for a Responsible Future – a long-time member of Nature Society (Singapore)

This year, Kampung Senang's annual Green and Healthy Festival will be online. The Festival's slogan is Power of the Virtual Green. Kampung Senang's board member, Dr. George Jacobs, will explain some of the advantages of having an online event. 

Watch the opening speech at 9am on our first day 11/11/2020: https://youtu.be/BPSnyhUkQD8

Topic of panel: Tempted by Tempeh

Date and Time: 12/12/2020, Sat, 5.00pm - 6.00pm via Facebook Live

Opening Speech by George Jacobs

YouTube  |  Vimeo

Topic of panel: Tempted by Tempeh

YouTube  |  Vimeo

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