Dr. Susianto Tseng 

Panel discussion on Tempted by Tempeh

President of World Vegan Organisation (WVO) & Vegan Society of Indonesia (VSI) Doctor in Public Health Nutrition (Universitas Indonesia), Head of the Indonesia Vegetarian Society, President of Vegan Society of Indonesia.

It’s hard not to become vegetarian once you’ve met vegan expert Susianto. First, the 50-year-old coordinator for the International Vegetarian Union in Asia Pacific will take you through mountains of scientific data from reputable institutions that shows vegetarianism is good for your health. Second, having spent half his life as a vegetarian, Susianto is the living proof that eating plants and not meat does wonders to your body and appearance.

When The Jakarta Post met Susianto recently, his skin was healthy and bright, and he looked younger than his age. The man, who just received a doctorate from the University of Indonesia for his research on Tempeh, has been a vegetarian for 23 years. He stopped eating meat while he was studying for a bachelor degree in Yogyakarta, majoring in Chemistry at the University of Gadjah Mada.

Topic of panel: Tempted by Tempeh

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