Kampung Senang Charity & Education Foundation

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 2019  轻安村 “绿化素食与健康家庭大会” 项目之一

A Programme Highlight Of Green And Healthy Festival 2019


An Invitation to Medical Practitioners, Medical Services Professionals, Nutritionists, Counsellors, Life Coaches and the Health-Conscious.


讲座将以中文进行   •  Seminar will be conducted in Mandarin


Dr Huang Ding Yin


9:30am - 11:15am

再生医学  逆转老病

Regenerative Medicine – Reverse Ageing


  • 现任台湾国际健康新知推广协会理事长

  • 俄罗斯干细胞技术亚洲唯一指定授权再生诊所 院长

  • 家庭医学专科及安宁缓和医学专科资格

  • 曾任前马偕医院家医科总医师


  • Chairman of Taiwan Russian Stem Cell Research Centre

  • Dean of the exclusive authorized regenerative clinic for Russian Stem Cell Technology

  • Medical School, National Taiwan University

  • Family Medicine specialist and Taiwan Hospice Palliative Medicine Qualification

  • Chief Physician of Family Medicine, Taiwan Mackay Memorial Hospital


Dr Yeo Seem Huat


11:30am - 1:00pm

课题二: 战胜忧郁 重见阳光

Fight Depression – Relive Your Life


  • 顾问心理医生

  • 新加坡医学院院士

  • 内外全科医学士

  • 澳洲及纽西兰皇家精神科医学院荣授院士


  • Consultant Psychiatrist

  • FAMS, MBBS (Singapore)

  • Diploma in Psychology (Auckland),

  • FRANZCP (Australia & New Zealand)


We sincerely appeal to your donations to help us cover some of the costs of the event.


捐款方式/ Methods of donations:


捐款热线/Donations by phone:

$10    1900-112-6210

$30    1900-112-6230

$50    1900-112-6250


其他款项/Other amounts:

Bank Transfer DBS 029-017-5977

Cheque made payable to Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation

a) 轻安村 20 周年庆公益项目。欢迎您捐款献爱心。

A 20th Anniversary Celebration Public Education project of Kampung Senang. Donations are welcome.


b) 只需付 $18 获得 $20 元的固本可用在当天 (上午11点至晚上7点)轻安村举办的 “绿化与健康” 义卖会。 地址: Our Tampines Hub, Central Plaza, Level 1.


Get $20 worth of GREEN AND HEALTHY FESTIVAL coupons at $18 (after 10% discount). Coupons are fully redeemable at Kampung Senang Green and Healthy Festival 2019 taking place on Sunday 20 October 2019. Venue: Our Tampines Hub, Central Plaza, Level 1.