Kent Stoneking

Director of Clinical Program Development@ALR Technologies Inc.

Kent is a pharmacist and diabetes educator with a demonstrated history of working in community pharmacies and corporate settings to improve patient care. He has a strong business development background.

Topic: The past, present, and future of diabetes care

Date and time: 14/11/2020, Sat, 11-12pm via Facebook Live.

Please click here for registration.

Dr. Susianto Tseng 

Panel discussion on Tempted by Tempeh

President of World Vegan Organisation (WVO) & Vegan Society of Indonesia (VSI) Doctor in Public Health Nutrition (Universitas Indonesia), Head of the Indonesia Vegetarian Society, President of Vegan Society of Indonesia.

It’s hard not to become vegetarian once you’ve met vegan expert Susianto. First, the 50-year-old coordinator for the International Vegetarian Union in Asia Pacific will take you through mountains of scientific data from reputable institutions that shows vegetarianism is good for your health. Second, having spent half his life as a vegetarian, Susianto is the living proof that eating plants and not meat does wonders to your body and appearance.

When The Jakarta Post met Susianto recently, his skin was healthy and bright, and he looked younger than his age. The man, who just received a doctorate from the University of Indonesia for his research on Tempeh, has been a vegetarian for 23 years. He stopped eating meat while he was studying for a bachelor degree in Yogyakarta, majoring in Chemistry at the University of Gadjah Mada.

Topic of panel: Tempted by Tempeh

Date and Time: 12/12/2020, Sat, 5.00pm - 6.00pm via Facebook Live

Dr George Jacobs

Opening speech for GHVF

Panel discussion on Tempted by Tempeh 

George Jacobs is a long-time supporter of Kampung Senang. He works in Education and volunteers to promote plant-based diets. George enjoys attending the Green and Healthy Festival, and has attended every year since its inception.  He is the co-founder of health partners, 


In the NGO area, George is the past president of Vegetarian Society (Singapore), now called Centre for a Responsible Future – a long-time member of Nature Society (Singapore)

This year, Kampung Senang's annual Green and Healthy Festival will be online. The Festival's slogan is Power of the Virtual Green. Kampung Senang's board member, Dr. George Jacobs, will explain some of the advantages of having an online event. 

Watch the opening speech at 9am on our first day 11/11/2020:

Topic of panel: Tempted by Tempeh

Date and Time: 12/12/2020, Sat, 5.00pm - 6.00pm via Facebook Live

T. Mathimaaran

Instructor and Mentor in the Pranic Healing space

For over 22 years, T. Mathimaaran has been a noteworthy Instructor and Mentor in the Pranic Healing space. He is one of the Trustees in Pranic Healing Trust Tamilnadu, and also one of the directors of The Centre for Inner Studies in Singapore.

His vast experience and knowledge in healing, in groupwork and mentoring, coupled with his passion to spread Pranic Healing, had made him, and his team of coworkers instrumental in introducing and establishing Pranic Healing centers in Singapore, Hong Kong and China. In addition to India and Southeast Asia, he had also conducted Pranic Healing classes in Brunei, Nepal and Spain.

Holding a Master’s degree in Applied Geology, T. Mathimaaran, is a successful entrepreneur with an established business in granites and hydrated lime products. He also balances work with family, dedicated to spending quality time with his wife and two daughters.

Title of Talk: The Importance of Energy Hygiene On the Cellular Level

Date and time: 11/11/2020, Wed, 6.00pm - 7.00pm via Facebook Live.

Title of Talk: Understanding the Energetic Anatomy & Chakral Conditions in Healing Cancer

Date and time: 17/11/2020, Tue, 6.00pm - 7.00pm via Facebook Live.

Title of Talk: The Importance of Forgiveness

Date and time: 19/11/2020, Thu, 6.00pm - 7.00pm via Facebook Live.

Title of Talk: Removing Fear and Depression to Create Your New Life

Date and time: 24/11/2020, Tue, 6.00pm - 7.00pm via Facebook Live.

Title of Talk: The Key to Abundance is in Your Heart

Date and time: 26/11/2020, Thu, 6.00pm - 7.00pm via Facebook Live.

Title of Talk: How Your Thoughts & Emotions Can Affect Your Life on Different Levels

Date and time: 1/12/2020, Tue, 6.00pm - 7.00pm via Facebook Live.

Title of Talk: Cancer-Its Karmic Causes and How to Neutralise it.

Date and time: 3/12/2020, Thu, 6.00pm - 7.00pm via Facebook Live.

Title of Talk: Healing Through Knowing Our Spiritual Essence

Date and time: 8/12/2020, Wed, 6.00pm - 7.00pm via Facebook Live.

Goh ling Chih

A passionate vegan practitioner

Ms Goh Ling Chih is a passionate vegan practitioner. Inspired by Natural Healer Dr Lai Chiu Nan PhD 20 years ago, Goh Ling Chih is currently a Diet & Nutrition Therapist accredited by International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) as well as a Naturopathic Diet Therapist certified by trainer OuYang Ying from Taiwan.

Title of Talk: Myths about Plant-Based Food

  • Beans cause Gout?  

  • Plant-based food lacking of Vitamin B12?

Date and time: 28/11/2020, Sat, 6.00pm - 7.00pm via Facebook Live.

Stella Lin Hee Shiu Cheng (English talk)

International Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

Stella Lin is a Singaporean with a Bachelor’s degree in  Business Administration (National University of Singapore),  and has a Master of Science in Human and Community  Resources with a specialization in Adult Learning (University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point). Stella Lin is the founder and Managing Principal of Evolve International, 宇博联创国际咨询 (北京) 有限公司 and 宇博衍创国际咨询 (北京) 有限公司. These 3 companies are in Singapore and China respectively and the main business is in executive search, training and management consultancy.

Title of talk: What do bosses really want?

Date and time: 21/11/2020, Sat, 4.00pm - 5.00pm

Title of talk: What do bosses really want?

Date and time: 5/12/2020, Sat, 4.00pm - 5.00pm


Title of talk: What do I really want?

Date and time: 12/12/2020, Sat, 4.00pm - 5.00pm

Talks will be broadcasted on GHF FaceBook page.

Climate Conversations

A civic and social organisation

Climate Conversations is a civic and social organisation. Climate Conversations facilitates exponential growth in support for climate solutions by creating positive, nurturing spaces for people to share their concerns about the environment with their friends, family and neighbors. In 2017, Chris, Xinying, Karen and Steve founded Climate Conversations to build the widespread support that’s needed for climate action.


Join their facilitators as they reflect on their involvement in climate action, discuss why the climate crisis is also a health crisis and discover how you can play a part. This is session is meant to be interactive and small group. Please register early!

Title of event: Climate and Health

Zoom Webinar Session on 5th Dec, Sat, 5-6.30 pm

Please self-register here: :

杨新发 医生


• 新加坡知名心理健康专家

• 顾问心理医生

• 内外全科医学士

• 澳洲及纽西兰皇家精神科医学院荣授院士


日期与时间: 11月16日    |    星期一    |    下午 4点 - 5点    |    面书现场直播

刘心宇 老师



• 创办《非常有机》健康有机连锁店

• 曾任新加坡新闻编辑和从事资讯、出版及语言翻译工作二十余年。

• 主讲几百场的健康讲座,志在把健康讯息传播给大家,以期大家生活得更加健康、更加幸福。

讲座:糖尿病  Diabetes

日期与时间: 11月12日   |   星期四    |    傍晚 7点 - 8点   |   面书现场直播

讲座:空气污染  (一) Air Pollution

日期与时间: 11月17日   |   星期二   |    傍晚 7点 - 8点    |   面书现场直播

讲座:糖尿病 (二) |  Diabetes

日期与时间: 11月19日   |   星期四   |    傍晚 7点 - 8点   |   面书现场直播

讲座:空气污染  (二)  |  Air Pollution

日期与时间: 11月24日    |   星期二   |    傍晚 7点 - 8点    |   面书现场直播

讲座:糖尿病 (三)  |  Diabetes

日期与时间: 11月26日   |   星期四   |     傍晚 7点 - 8点    |   面书现场直播

讲座:低温烹调法 (一) |   cooking temperature

日期与时间: 12月1日   |   星期二   |    傍晚 7点 - 8点    |    面书现场直播

讲座:糖尿病 (四)  |  Diabetes

日期与时间: 12月3日   |   星期四   |    傍晚 7点 - 8点    |    面书现场直播

讲座:低温烹调法 (二)  |   Cooking Temperature

日期与时间: 12月8日   |   星期二   |    傍晚 7点 - 8点    |   面书现场直播

讲座:寒湿  |   Cold and Dampness

日期与时间: 12月10日   |   星期四   |    傍晚 7点 - 8点    |   面书现场直播

黄鼎殷 医师






日期与时间: 11月21日   |   星期六    |   下午 2点 - 3点   |   面书现场直播


日期与时间: 11月22日   |   星期天   |    傍晚 7点 - 8点  |   面书现场直播

何永芳 女士


• 新加坡著名演员

• 1991年由演艺学院的老师发掘出来。

• 代表作品:《方世玉》、《我来也》、《神雕侠侣新加坡版》、《真命小和尚》等。

座谈会:绿健生活 与 幸福人生 (与李明姝医师 和方四平医师)




日期与时间: 11月11日    |    星期三    |    下午 5点 - 6点   |   面书现场直播

课程: 瑜伽

日期与时间: 11月15日   |   星期天   |   早上 10点   -11点   |   面书直播

吴灵芝 老师




•台湾培训师欧阳英(OuYang Ying)认证的自然疗法治疗师。


没有营养, 特别是蛋白质和矿物质 ?

没有Omega ?

没有精力 ?

日期与时间: 11月28日   |   星期六   |  下午  5点- 6点   |   面书现场直播

讲座:烹饪示范 - 植物性饮食

日期与时间: 11月29日   |   星期日   |  下午  2点- 3点   |   面书现场直播

李明姝 医师







座谈会:绿健生活 与 幸福人生 (与何永芳 和 方四平医师)




日期与时间: 11月11日    |    星期三    |    下午 5点 - 6点   

中医情怀疗愈 - 自主健康,从心开始 (上 饮食篇)

日期与时间: 11月14日   |   星期六   |  下午 6点 - 7点   

中医情怀疗愈 - 自主健康,从心开始 (下 思维关系篇)

日期与时间: 11月14日   |   星期六   |  上午 10点 - 10点.30点分

林徐秀清  女士 (中文讲座)


• 美国威斯康辛大学理科硕士

• 新加坡国立大学商学士。

• 宇博联创国际咨询(北京)有限 公司,宇博衍创国际咨询(北京)有限公司及新加坡 Evolve   International(,的 创办人及首席主管顾问,这三间跨国公司分别从事猎头、企业咨询以及高管培训等业务。

讲座主题: 老板到底要什么?

日期与时间: 11月28日  |  星期六  |  下午 4点 - 5点​


黄丽观 老师




•美国 NLP/NGH 催眠师





•【著作】 人生动力疗法

讲座:金钱 - 丰盛富足 - 金钱能量如何提升(一)?

日期与时间: 11月14日   |    星期六    |    傍晚 7点 - 8 点    |    面书现场直播

讲座:金钱 - 丰盛富足 - 金钱能量如何提升 (二)?

日期与时间: 12月5日    |    星期六    |    傍晚 7 点 - 8 点    |    面书现场直播

林念荷 女士



• 亚洲大学心理学学士

• 元智大学领导研究所硕士

• 台湾大学健康管理师

• 台湾大学生物科技管理硕士

讲座:您知道什么是自愈能力吗 (一)?

日期与时间: 11月19日   |   星期四   |    下午 4点 - 5点30分   |   面书现场直播

讲座:体内环保的神奇效力 (一)

日期与时间: 11月26日   |   星期四   |   下午 4点 - 5点30分   |   面书现场直播

讲座:您知道什么是自愈能力吗 (二)?

日期与时间: 12月3日   |   星期四   |   下午 4点 - 5点30分   |   面书现场直播

讲座:体内环保的神奇效力 (二)

日期与时间: 12月10日   |   星期四   |   下午 4点 - 5点30分   |   面书现场直播

方四平 医师


• 专业领域:

      • 针灸

      • 推拿

      • 拔罐


• 经验:具有20多年的中医诊断经验,能够快速准确地缓解患者的身体健康和身体健康问题。

座谈会:绿健生活 与 幸福人生 (与李明姝医师 和 何永芳女士)




日期与时间: 11月11日   |  星期三  |  下午5pm - 6pm  |  面书现场直播

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