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Consultant, Trainer, and Keynoter



Michael learned quite a bit about thriving through resilience while facing adversity, anxiety and severe stress during his 7 year battle with three challenges to his life while fighting cancer, multiple treatments, setbacks and victories. He has presented to audiences and consulted with groups from Bermuda to Singapore and coast to coast. in North America as an internationally renowned speaker. Thousands of people have deepened their personal and professional ability to thrive using the process and skills he teaches. In the process they’ve learned how to deal with life’s BIG Stuff issues based on the expertise Michael enjoys sharing on resilience. He hopes you will, too!



Resiliency for life is programming developed to help people of all ages learn how to overcome life’s hurdles. To assist us go through adversity, constant change, and turmoil safer and often better outcomes. People don’t need to be motivated. They need perspective to be inspired, the key skills to manage, and a process they understand to work through the turmoil.

25 JULY 2021 Sunday
8 PM – 9 PM

  • $30 per talk -
    one lecture, 1 Eco-Harmony Cafe Meal Voucher, 10 Charity Fair coupons and acess to Learning Vault (of 2020 HWS Lectures)

  • $120 for the All 9 lectures, 2 Eco-Harmony Meal Vouchers, SGD60 charity fair coupons and access to Learning Vault (of 2020 & 2021 HWS)

  • Early bird discount:
    Gift goodie bag when you purchase whole HWS ($120 ticket)

HWS - Holistic Wellness Symposium
GHF - Green and Healthy Festival