Vikas Garg

Founder and CEO of Abillionveg

Three years ago, Vikas Garg, Founder and CEO of abillionveg left his high-flying career at one of the world’s largest hedge funds. He had found a new mission — to help and inspire a billion people to go vegan in the next 10 years.

Prior to leaving his corporate career in 2017, Vikas had felt a nagging sense to do more for society, attributed to his lifelong passion for sustainability and being an absolute animal lover. It is a platform for members to voice their opinion about anything plant-based or cruelty-free. They share members’ feedback with business owners to help them shift to more plant-based options, and they support animal rescue work around the world every time a member submits a review.

Catch his story on 13/11/2020, 4 pm -5 pm via GHF FaceBook page.

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