Shandy Zhao

Yoga Instructor @Yoga Sojourn

A sojourn is a temporary stay, a journey that ends creating an opportunity and space for a new beginning. The time spent on your mat is temporary, a sojourn.  Once you step off your mat and into your daily activities, the possibilities of the practice are endless. The physical benefits affect our state of being; as your strength and flexibility increase, stress and tension subside.

Our practices at Yoga Sojourn aim to create an inquisitive and mindful approach to movement and being, supporting self-care, self-love and connection with our community. We are unique and our bodies are ever changing; as we sojourn through those changes, we find many possible layers within ourselves. The practice of yoga gives us the ability to explore these layers and awaken awareness.

Victor Chng (Bilingual)

First Yin Yoga teacher in Asia

 Victor began his yoga journey in the late 1990s. It is during this time that he felt stressful with working life and found yoga to be a great way of stress relief. Under one of his teacher's encouragement, he took his first teacher training in Singapore under SVYASA in 2002. As a Mahayana Buddhist, Victor has always been keen on yogic philosophies and went on to India to seek some of the elder students of the legendary Krishnamarchay of Mysore. They include TKV Desikachar, A.G. Mohan & Srivasta Ramaswami.

Victor Chng (双语授课)

亚洲第一位进行培训的 阴瑜伽老师

 在1990年代后期开始瑜伽之旅。正是在这段时间里,他对工作生活感到压力,并发现瑜伽是缓解压力的好方法. 在他的老师的鼓励下,他于2002年在SVYASA下在新加坡接受了他的第一任老师培训。作为大乘佛教徒,维克多一直热衷于瑜伽哲学,并前往印度寻找传说中的迈索尔克里希那玛切瑞的一些长者。其中包括TKV Desikachar,AG Mohan和Srivasta Ramaswami。

王璐 Wang Lu


• 资深瑜伽导师,从业18年。

• 亚太瑜伽协会金珠瑜伽学院高级教练资格

• 开封瑜伽协会理事

• 具有理疗瑜伽与流瑜伽教练资格认证,阴瑜伽、禅意冥想、断食理疗资格认证。

• 获得孕期瑜伽教练认证、产后瑜伽教练认证。

• 开办瑜伽教练班,培养上百位瑜伽老师。

• 教学期间先后跟随印度瑜伽大师Ami、国内理疗瑜伽大师一禅、宋光明等多位瑜伽大师进修学习。

Cat Yeo

Fitness Instructor

Cat is a fitness instructor with 18 years experience in movement, dance and functional fitness. Three years ago, Cat embarked on a plant-based lifestyle and it has helped her to feel stronger in her personal fitness journey.

The International Nature Loving Association Singapore



• 国际热爱大自然促进会(新加坡) 是一个非营利组织,旨在通过文化活动进行价值观教育。

• 通过表演的方式展现“和谐世界”的概念。其中包括自然之爱歌曲,自然之爱舞蹈和自然之乐的介绍。

• 文化表演的实质是艺术,教育和文化的结合,教育的目的是建立人与自然之间,以及与我们的家庭,社会,     国家和宇宙之间的和谐。

• 这种特色的文化是为了确保人的内部和平,以维持世界统一的步伐。

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